a fun lovable caramel skinned girl who loves to have fun.dajahnae’s are far from freaky. dajahnae’s are skinny on the outside but are greedy asf so hide ya food. these girls are loyal and playful but need attention or you will experience technical difficulties.she likes hugs so give lots
yo i met this dajahnae she fine asf she so d-mn adorable

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  • poof on

    when an annoying g-y person tries to subdue you into a feacee rampage you is one g-y dude trying your poof on whitch me

  • *rs*holetent

    when the hole is big enough to fit your immediate family along with your 50 cousins. “d-mn! her -rs-holetent looks like it can fit her whole fam”

  • vegdey

    a v-g-n-l wedgey hey brad, that hottie has a vegdey, i can see her p-ssy lips!

  • walnut gum

    the act of chewing on a pair of men’s t-st-cl-s oh man i love it when kevin makes walnut gums me.

  • dropping off the groceries

    the act of sh-tting your pants and dropping it off in the toilet later. (usually occurs in an intense game of world of warcraft) sorry mum, can’t help, im dropping off the groceries.

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