a stupid d-ckhead
dalesio can do is not search up my friends name – hack jump

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  • tregered

    a state of being triggered over suicide/self-harm or bleach. best used when your friend/girl/n-gg- is having a p-ssy rant. harrison: omg kys jessica: wtf did you say that for f-ck off harrison: calm tf down girl, don’t get tregered.

  • weiqing

    noun: weirdest and most twisted guy anyone has ever seen or will ever see ‘woah, did you hear what weiqing said?’ ‘of course, d-mn he’s twisted’

  • crunk boi

    a synonym for “player”. the low of the low. a guy who just can’t chose between girls and always goes around in fancy clothes. a guy who doesn’t care ’bout nothing except his muscles. brandon is such a crunk boi. he keeps flexing fo’ the ladies and only wears $100 shirts.

  • mississippi blizzard

    when the booty poppin good so you spray some whip cream on your 10 in big black c-ck and shove it into the p-ssy. then you eat it raw just like eating a blizzard. dude i gave shenequa the mississippi blizzard of a life time she was so white after

  • gif jockey

    one who during online hangouts and chats uses gif files instead of text or voice to express their opinion on what is being discussed in the chatroom. gif jockey, gf he always entertains us with the right gif to express the mood in a chat room. he`s like a disc jockey of gifs. a gif […]

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