(adj.) relating to or pertaining to something that is super indie.
that hemp bag is so damaso!
one who is a puppy hater, one who loves to talk of the gruesome demise of cute puppies. usually metro, and well-versed in his native tongue.
the damaso, after drinking a cup of cheap italian coffee in his wing back chair,contemplated how to verse his daily discovery full of puppy mutilation.
n. a celebratory dance performed in urban clubs in which one moves the arms to and fro in an abrubt punching motion while bending and unbending the lower back at irregular intervals. (most fashionable when performed to the tune of “ca plane pour moi” by plastic bertrand)
the dude doing the damaso at boom friday night had the most delicious moves in the entire joint.
horse tamer
….damaso means horse tamer.

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