Dan Lydon

try hard
stop being such a dan lydon

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  • louisiana slammer

    when you -j-c-l-t- into your hand and smack a girl or man in the face. i gave my chick a louisiana slammer last night, she was p-ssed.

  • ltomp

    lemme take off my pants you’re such a b-tch,hold on ltomp!! let me take off my pants. used in a situation to make things funny or humorous. –note: word is never used twice in a row, otherwise it means you are taking off your underwear too.– guy #1: come on dude, please!!! guy #2: hold […]

  • coolty

    the act of being cool, mostly in product. that new product is of total coolty

  • lykke

    lykke is a scandinavian girl’s name. it translates to happiness and that is what knowing a lykke will get you! guy 1: wow.. even though she’s totally confused about what she wants she still brings joy and happiness into my life. guy 2: sounds like a lykke to me.

  • lyndian

    a subset of the topological sp-ce that models the distribution of the indian population profile that attends the secondary public inst-tution aptly names lynbrook. i can’t stand the sight of an indian unless it is of the lyndian subset, of course.

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