another word for bung hole. (also know as, b-tt hole, cats eye, brown eye, the dark abyss… etc etc…)
my danghole is soooooo itchy!!!
i swear that t-rd ripped me a new danghole!!!

and the best

your face is a danghole 🙂

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  • danglechuck

    the piece of skin that hangs from one’s loose v-g-n-. ususally brown – light pinkish. “while she was on the phone i played around with her danglechuck…” “sounds like fun… did you catch the sox game last night?

  • Poppin' yang

    talking trash… talking noise… talking cr-p about someone or something. mahmoud ahmadinejad always be poppin’ yang about israel. jalen rose was always poppin’ yang on the court.

  • pornability

    a number value that represents the probability of you watching p-rn today. “dude, if you go home alone, i bet that your p-rnability is going to be a hundred percent.”

  • Pornate

    recording over precious family type moments with dirty, filthy, beastly, p-rn. we sat down to watch family home videos with granny only to be horrified to find uncle jack had p-rnated the footage. b-n-r.

  • porno flip

    n ; the act of judging whether or not a comic book, manga or graphic novel is appropriate to give as a gift or to show to other people by quickly flipping through the pages and quickly identifying any nudity, s-x and so forth on a p-ss/fail basis. 1 ; wow. half the manga in […]

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