a cute/weird way of saying thank you.
here, i got you a sandwich


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  • defamate

    to demean, degrade or defame something or someone to the point they feel like a pile of excrement. by bt. they defamated his character to the point he never recovered.

  • dirty hiroshima

    the act of eating out a j-pense women while she holds the american flag and once she achieves climax she proceeds to explosivly squirt all over your face. dude i cant believe you gave that prius driving j-p a dirty hiroshima

  • doddy d*ck

    saying like bomb, amazing and big d-ck. i told my sidie, “you know you want this doddy d-ck” and she said, “yes because it’s amazing.” meaning as in, big, amazing, pleasing, sensational, c-ck. my sidie told me she wanted my doddy d-ck, and i said come get this amazing, sensational, huge c-ck then baby.

  • dummyswitchit

    to make something look, act, or be used as something completely different. hey bro, do you want to build an emp? wtf? how? we can just dummyswitchit out of a remote or something.

  • expensican

    expensive mexican food do you want to go to the expensican place or the thai food.

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