something that is dank and at the same time fabulous
“wow that meme was dankulous”

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  • jesus ray

    when the sun shines through a minute opening in the clouds, bestowing a beautiful light upon a small section of land. some people believe it to be good luck to find yourself in a jesus ray, especially if it is also raining. you: i was having kind of a down day, but then! a jesus […]

  • stinky waffle

    when a guy takes a sh-t on a girls stomach then presses down on it with a tennis racket to make the sh-t look like a waffle “what are you doing?” “just giving my girl a stinky waffle”

  • würmla

    a word often used as a excuse for a misfortune you’re not responsible for. for example: you would like to visit a friend in a far off location but currently there are neither available public transportation services nor hitchhiking opportunities whatsoever. ”hey, are you still coming to my place tonight?” ”let me have a look… […]

  • cold on

    the b-n-r you get from cold water. me: -jumps in freezing pool- friend: -jumps in after me- me: ah sh-t! i’ve got a cold on!

  • working the biscuit

    thrusting ur hips side to side to the point when ur friends or colleagues notice….n commend you for properly working your biscuit yo that girl on the dance floor sp-ce sure is working the biscuit!

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