darcell is a person who is full of selfishness and ugliness inside and out, known to be mean
your a darcell u pr-ck

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  • two cheek sneak

    having -n-l s-x. i see johhny is puckering up for the two cheek sneak again. i will be back later, i’m off to get a two cheek sneak.

  • scan scan

    wearing “sl-tty” clothing in public. where any skin is showing through clothes. marie: wow look at that scan scan on her pants

  • jazzijoo

    the best person you’ll ever meet, the key to your heart. she’ll love you forever if you become hers and she’ll always want cuddles and will always be there. wow, jazzijoo is so amazing.

  • bunk with dunk

    when you sleep on the top of a bunk bed with your friend on the bottom and you sh-t your pants in your sleep yooooo i just bunked with dunk! : ah my bad i shat bunk with dunkbefore i went to bed those nachos were mean as f-ck!

  • danny vlonk

    a h-m-s-xual man ooooo there’s a danny vlonk, boying off the ting again.

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