ridiculously cute, adorable, and otherwise irresistable
hey there dargies!

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  • darkieblast

    a magenta, haduken-like fireball initiated by someone who is indian or of indian descent. don’t argue with that guy, he might darkieblast you.

  • darkle

    a mixture of jiz, sh-t, sweat, blood, hair, and anything else that may be found in a man’s -ss after receiving -n-l s-x. after -n-l s-x, it is recommended to wash the darkle out of your -ss.

  • cuddle-hooker

    a girl or guy that you have over to your house on multiple occasions to cuddle with you; even though you don’t have s-x with them, protection may be wise i have trouble sleeping alone so i called up my cuddle-hooker.

  • Foss Pox

    sickness spread when an ill colleague comes into work oblivious to the fact that everyone else will pick up their germs. rob: “where were you yesterday you skiving f-ck?” jo: “i came down with a dose of foss pox”

  • founize

    a. to cheer someone up with the help of a foon. b. a clay handbag that doubles as a small oven. a. andy twisted his ankle on the hiking trip but he got founized by haley. b. i’m hungry, empty your founize so we can heat some tortilla chips..

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