dariun is the best person ever

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  • childcore

    when someone is acting like an immature little b-tch, entirely blasé and callous about everything and with an air of superiority that only an adolescent could portray in a non-satirical manner. typically attempts to belittle other people for no reason, spouting things like “dadcore” and “nerd” with little justification. i asked shogunner a question and […]

  • b*n*r milf

    dumb,stupid,cool; if something is super awesome it’s b-n-r milf. but if something is just plain dumb it’s b-n-r milf. that show is so b-n-r milf. taco bell is b-n-r milf af!

  • plowmaster3000

    the ultimate master plower. plows your crops and plows your pops. anyone who has a great p-ssion for tending to agriculture and tending to your lady-friend. the original plowmaster3000 was born and raised in cisco, il. hot girl 1: “who’s that cute guy wearing overalls over there?” hot girl 2: “oh he’s a plowmaster3000. last […]

  • trash pocket

    a trash pocket is something that only moms and teenage boys have. it’s where all their trash from the day is stored and later released into the washing machine when they inevitably forget to empty it. nathan didn’t empty his trash pocket; now the washing machine is filled with tissues and gum wrappers.

  • k*ller beys

    beyonce fans that will literally destroy anyone which might be a threat to their goddess rihanna better watch her -ss, those killer beys aint playin

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