a remarkable singer choosen from heaven and born as a angel in heart.
darnisha is just darnisha.

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  • nob chunder

    another term for creamy c-ck custard. f-cking h-ll, now i’m covered in your n-b chunder.

  • envisionist

    one that constructs, invents, or plans successful ideas. that guy is an envisionist.

  • lipkindouger

    a man that has had constipation for quite some time, and during s-x with his partner sh-ts himself horribly upon climax. man, steve is such a lipkindouger. i’m still cleaning the sh-t out of my p-ssy.

  • fapgloves

    adj. – having the intent to furiously m-st-rb-t-. roxy had her fapgloves on whilst entering a search query on video google. she wouldn’t leave the computer until there was a mess to clean up.

  • weiner sweeper

    -noun 1. a mustache so rich and full that it may be used to sweep the dust off another man’s p-n-s. 2. synonym for molestache. hey, check it out! someone with a mustache like that must only be using it for a weiner sweeper.

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