feminin definition: a short girl, boy obsessed usually pretty in her own way, has anger issues, and can be the biggest sweetheart, likes to please others and hates failing. makes the weirdest facial expressions and just wants to have a good time. she’s an emotional rollercoaster but at the same time she’s funny, but has a million different personalities, you’ll grow to love her. she’s one girl some one is lucky to have in their life.
guy 1:”have you met darrion yet?”
guy 2: “no”
guy 1: “you should, you’ll be lucky”
f-cktard, f-cking r-t-rded.
darrion, your a f-cktard.
a stalker that hangs around aim chatrooms and asking chicks to give him lap dances and asking for mysp-ces!!!
guy: hey babe can i get your mysp-ce?
girl: no! quit being such a darrion.

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