lul ugly boi / lard.
“he is such a darryon”

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  • home grown meme farmer

    a home grown meme farmer is when a individual makes any memes, and s/he carefully makes sure that the memes are well done. s/he later takes the memes and takes second looks at them to see if any errors are there, and if not…. the home grown meme farmer would pack and ship his/her memes […]

  • emprise technologies

    a company devoted to exploiting employees and gaining clients using unethical, and most often by fraudulent means, all to support the owners h-m-erotic fantasies. walmart is the emprise technologies of mega stores.

  • wanna smash bird

    a bird that is looking to smash 24/7 and attempts to do so by asking “lemme smash?” and “u want sum f-k?” he is on a video of youtube and his name is ron. i love that video with the “wanna smash bird”.

  • scrrt

    commonly said when ankles are broken bob swerved dave in a basketball game then yells scrrt

  • living disappointment

    me i’m a living disappointment

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