dashaun’s always aspire to be great in life, to be remembered throughout the ages for something great they have done.

dashaun’s, however, tend to be challenged when it comes to communication, due to the fact that they think so fast but can’t put it into words, often creating uncomfortable miscommunications and strenuous situations.

dashaun’s are talented thinkers and amazingly creative, and always have either strong feelings or no feelings when it comes to a particular subject (where again the communication issue comes into affect and can create undesirable circ-mstances)

if you meet a dashaun, approach carefully and attempt friendly communication. if the conversation shows the slightest sign of becoming an argument, quickly leave the area, or you’ll get an earful (and possibly an -ssful… of foot!) (again calculating the effects of strong emotion, poor communication, densely packed and durable muscle, and inhuman creativity, getting into an argument with a dashaun can turn real ugly, real fast.)

part 2 of 2
girl1: that guy over there looks okay…
girl2: yea, i was talking to him earlier and he seemed really p-ssionate.
girl1: you think he may be a dashaun?
girl2: could be!

hater1: i know this one guy, he thinks he’s cool cause he has a bunch of friends and can throw a football
hater2: whatever, man. let him think he’s a dashaun, we’ll show him he’s not so tough
-later that week on the news, there is a report of two young men around their teens who say they had been jumped by three armed men and refused to talk, although witnesses report seeing only a single young man of average build kicking the two boys and shouting obscenities at them very loudly-

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