female name ; the coldest chick in the world… if she doesn’t like you. has a secret wild side you’ll never forget! possesses dumb humor, out-of-the-blue-funny-as-h-ll humor, is very adorable, highly intelligent, attractive to death and has drawing, soulful eyes. is very good at mind games and finds it easy to wrap people around their fingers… but who’s love is so very worth it! is admired by everyone. girls would wish to be this girl and guys would look like they’re being slapped in the face but liking it when they see her!
did you see that girl, dude? she’s f-cking fascinating, ay?

girl 1: -whispering- there she is, that dasii.
girl 2: oh my god -tries not to look obvious-
girl 1: she’s so talented at everything ugh i wish i was just like that.

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