the female servant for the adults who are raising her.
how do you keep your house so clean?
my daughter does a pretty good job.
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one of two things created by having s-x without a condom or other form of birth control. the other is a son.
from family guy (after meg got a makeover):

lois: peter, take a look at your daughter!
peter: oh, my g-d, lois, i’m sorry! i-it was 20 years ago, i’d never even heard the word “rubber.”
the child that mom will love until she gets in the way of mom’s life, and dad will love no matter what. though he will fight with her over becoming a woman, wearing clothes that don’t make her look like a shapeless blob, and give every boy the evil eye, even once she marries him.
mom: my daughter, you are my best friend! i love you my (insert dumb nickname here) what? you don’t like my new boyfriend / husband / ‘friend’? go live with your father! you’re just like him! i can’t handle your smart mouth! respect me!
dad: my princess! i love you, but i don’t like your att-tude! daddy loves you so much! go put on your brother’s tee shirt, the one that makes you look like a shapeless blob! no you can’t get married until you’re 40!
term of endearment used to call ones daughter, used in the same context when one refers to their own son as son.
wow, daughter…you really did it this time, i knew you could win the championship!

well, daughter this is your big day, now get out there and sing like you have never sung before and show them how it’s done!
a chaotic comical p-rnogrind band. their latest cd had 10 tracks and clocked in at just 11 minutes. this band is awesome in small doses, but will will give you a serious mindf-ck if listened to for too long.
i dont give a sh-t about wood, im not a chemist!
the single greatest band ever to grace our stinking humankind with their music.
“when daughters stepped on stage, i knew i was going to die.”
word used by dealers or customers wen talkin about a quater (7 grams) of a variety of drugs puff,c-ke etc.
yes g, scott wants a daughter, that cool?
a girl who loves you and is your best friend for most of her life until she one day arbitrarily decides to rip your heart from your chest and throw it in the grinder.
oh that beautiful girl? she used to be my daughter.

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