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can you define it?

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  • jose franco

    a kyke, cousin loving, -ss uncle f-cker jose franco is an -ss ramming uncle f-cker.

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    caramel frappuccino with a side of heyyyy and a topping of g-y p-rn covfefeworld: get your free f-ggotrinos here!

  • fat *ss woofer

    a very fat dog or doggo. a doggo that has been spoiled by its humans and now needs a diet or it will become to over weight to walk. me: d-mn dude look at that fat -ss woofer! friend: what? me: that fat dog over there! that’s a fat -ss woofer!

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  • going tropic

    an aggressive methodology that is deployed during a conference call or meeting with suppliers who advise that they can not provide the services or goods on time and/or for expected cost. it is based on the tom cruise phone call with the flaming dragon leader in tropic thunder. i am going tropic if our supplier […]

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