a wonderful man full of kindness, hope and love! some one to cherish for the rest of time! always great in bed! a man that should be a god!
every one wants to be with a davin
a likable country loving man. very masculine . true definition of a man. d.i.l.f.
that guy is so cool! yeah, he’s totally davinous!
usually black. amazing, a love able man.huge partier.crazy good in the bed. very popular. gets with whoever. has had bad past relationships.god at life. though he may seem like a player, deep inside theres only one girl hes crazy for. davin hides his true feelings until he feel he can share them. very reliable and trustworthy. good friend
davin is amazing
a brilliant polymath with a particular knack for conversation. although, a davin’s propensity generally lies in intellectual realms, he also tends to be full of love, caring, and comp-ssion. women flock to davins, leaving other men quite bitter. in fact, davins have a rap for stealing the ladies. thus, the term “don’t davin on my woman!”
“don’t davin on my woman”.
someone who uses every opportunity to hit on you…..not because they’re particularly interested just because you’ve rejected them before & they have to just keep on trying!
‘i’m trying to stay friends with him & be cool but he keeps “davin'” on me at every chance’.

‘ you look really hot today ……not “davin'” on ya, just saying’
a guy that is g-y, chases the men away and dribbles alot. typical balmungooo
omg that davin’s a total creep!
creepy demon keep away from kids
davin cant live

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