the biggest f-cking douchebag in the world. his d-ck is about the size of a tic- tac and likes to be referred to as master. his ego is through the roof along with his horrible anger problems. he sometimes seems to think that if anyone has it better then him, they don’t deserve it.he treats his girlfriend like a dog in a cage and claims that he’s protecting her. he’s a giant racist, manipulative douche nipple.
you- hey guess what!
me- hmm?
you- i started dating a black guy!

me- good! just don’t let dawson find out or he’ll call you a bunch of horrid names
to be the best at every possible thing. inlcuding s-x.
‘chuck norris ain’t got nuthin on dawson.’
a very s-xy, yummy boy who is usually good at sports and tall. he is funny as h-ll, and plays hard to get.
“d-mn, dawson is mighty fine!”
a first love, a “soulmate”, like the boy who lives down the street, boy who you loved or dated throughout high school or adolescence, etc. derives from t-tle character of dawson’s creek, the tv series.
“oh, my highschool sweetheart…he was my dawson…”
he is such a fox, he doesn’t just look like a fox, he is literally a fox.. no f-cking joke…. his p-n-s is bigger than a foxes though… its like a whale in the category.
did you sleep with him?
he’s a dawson..
really.. that big…
oh yeah!!!!!
to get drunk, consume a large amount of alcohol
let’s go to the pub and get dawsoned tonight
to get drunk, consume rather large amounts of alcohol
let’s go get dawsoned tonight
a dawson is a perfect person. his laugh,his smile, his voice ,his eyes. he can make you fall in love just by looking in your eyes . his amazing words can’t even explain how perfect he is.
look at his eyes he much be a dawson.

i fell in love with a dawson.

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