acronym for “dis b-tch over here”
“person 1 – whoa, dboh looks sk-nky.
person 2 – yes, that random girl is dressed poorly.

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  • cl*tnes

    it’s a cl-toris, the size of a d-mn p-n-s! hey did you know jade had a huge cl-t? yeah dude, she has a cl-tnes!

  • chode chorgler

    someone extremely annoying or an outright -sshole. the literally meaning is someone who chorgles a chode, or makes the sound of deepthroating a small but thick p-n-s. d-mn, that dude is an -sshole. he’s such a f-cking chode chorgler.

  • glory bound

    a person determined to make it to a higher or the highest standard. hence they are bound for glory. he was destined to make it there. he was glory bound.

  • cellicon valley

    biotech hub; h-m-nyn of silicon valley boston is america’s cellicon valley

  • earth rocker

    a word which is used to describe the mourning of someone my best friend ryan dunn died in a car accident four years ago. he’s dead and gone. icelands his favourite place. i’m gunna build him a skatepark. you don’t have to be a musician to be an earth rocker.

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