the phrase stands for ‘doin big thangs’
a: yo man, whats up?
b: dbt, catch you later.

dbt is a universal phrase to explain level of work, importance of work, or simply sheer awesomeness. it lets everyone know that you are in fact ‘doin thangs’, big ones.
doin big things
bobby, travis, and pat are dbt.
dbt means “don’t bother me”
teacher: you’ll go nowhere in life!

kid: dbt! i’m just an underachiever…
dead baby teale
hey do you have any dbt’s i can buy?
yeah dude, i have one in my garage.
deep brain thrombosis

the sluggishness your mind feels when you have been bored for an extended period of time. inhibits brain activity and prevents any learning.
bill:- “you going to the next lecture?”

ted:- “nah, i’ve already got dbt from double physics this morning”
dbt means “doesn’t bother me”
teacher: you’ll go nowhere in life!

kid: your opinion dbt i’m just an underachiever.
stands for dam-beh (담배 – korean for cigarette) time. so dbt literally translates to cigarette time.
“yo, dbt?” “yeah, can i b-m one though?”

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