dead stare

an expression that, by the appearance of a person’s eyes, is strictly intended to reveal no emotional reaction whatsoever, either
1. in a game (of poker, or any game where concealing emotion is crucial);
2. when questioned about an incident/problem/subject or topic, to mask possible indicators of deception or deliberate/intentional untruthfulness; as the person(s) delivering the question(s) suspect the answer may be partially or wholly dishonest, and may be skilled at reading signals indicative of lying (i.e., body language, tone of voice, eye movement, facial expressions, etc.).

syn. with “poker face”, “stone face”
when my folks & i got into an argument last night, and i called dad out on his b.s., rather than giving me a direct answer, he just sat there gave me a dead stare, with a stone face with his arms folded.

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