very closely related to the insult “dumb f**k”

wives sometimes say this to their husbands!
you’re a deadbash!!

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  • micshang

    hot. 10/10 would bang everyday bro micshang is a f-k boi

  • 100 and f*ck

    any time it’s over 110° f outside. “it’s 100 and f-ck outside today”

  • ashbee

    ashbee is a person who is super nice and has a big -ss d-mn look at ashbee over there she’s soo hot

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    someone so dumb it blows your mind “can your baby get pregnant when you have s-x while pregnant? like the baby is a girl, and you have s-x and the sperm goes to her while in the womb. ” wrote a legit internet chuon

  • beatadextrious

    when you are able to jerk off with both hands matt played pocket pool for two and switched hands becoming beatadextrious.

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