characterized by not having the ability to hear.
1.she is deaf.
2.he is deaf.
deaf with a big “d” includes any hearing impaired individual that belongs to the deaf community and primarily use asl (american sign language).
missy was hard-of-hearing but thought of herself as part of the deaf community.
unable to hear, often use hearing aids and know/use sign-language.
my friend mike is deaf, i had to learn sign language so i could communicate with him.

the absence of sound.


the absenc…


the absence of f-cking sound!

“what? what? i cant hear you! its like im deaf!”
an acronym for drop everything and f-ck.
1) berto: hey julie lets deaf
julie: ok
(noises of f-cking)

2) jen: so whatcha wanna do?
naners: wanna deaf?
jen: no! (punches naners in goods)
when a party or a get together is dull.
nothing going on.
girl: theres no one here.
boy: oh i know this party is deaf.
a negative attribute, comparable with “stupid,” “dumb,” or “lame.” created in an attempt to stop the usage of “gay” and to replace it with something that, unlike gay, most of our friends are not.
“you failed your health test? that’s so deaf, i could have sworn it was an easy a.”

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