pseudo-spanish for “deal”, used to lend an air of urban-chic to an otherwise urbane sentence.
ok folks, here’s the deal…
– vs –
alright peeps, here’s the dealio…
“popularized in a missy elliott song by the same name…”

f-cking tweens and 20 somethings need to stop applying r-t-rded, wishful definitions to words that were around before their birth. “dealio” was not popularized by missy elliot, as it has been used consistently 20+ years before her music career got off the ground.
what’s the dealio with all the wanna be hipster jack-sses that fabricate definitions on ud?!
contraction of “deal” and “yo.”
“what’s the dealio?” (“what’s the deal, yo?”)
to inquire what is going on

what’s the dealio with that dude’s fits?
1. a word that is used everyday most likely, but a word like no other. it is the douchey way of saying “deal” in an attempt to seem cool or superior to the other lesser mortals who say it normally. one of the more recent additions to acts of douchebaggery, however, people use it because they are not aware of the way they appear to the others in their company.

2. the lyrics to the song by p!nk. “what’s the dealio?”
nick: oh my god!!! i died on round 7!!!
alex: wow, come on nick, what’s your dealio?

nick: matthew go finish your paper!!!
alex: yeah, matthew, what’s the dealio?

matthew: hey nick, you want a schnack?
nick: nah, i’m not feeling very hungry…
matthew: yuo always want a schnack!!! what’s your dealio?!?!?
popularized in a missy elliott song by the same name, the phrase “what the dealio?” is equivalent to “what’s the deal?” or “what is up with this situation?”
what the dealio?
a common misspelling of the term “dilly, yo”.
“what the dealio?” instead of “what the dilly, yo?”

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