to pollute or ruin somebody’s character or dignity. usually used to mean seducing somebody from their virtue and destroying their honor.

to corrupt, demoralize, humiliate, degrade, contaminate, b-st-rdize, demean, prost-tute, deface, shame, befoul, besmirch, disgrace, or defile.
along with incest with his sisters, caligula liked to rape and debauch the wives and daughters of rome’s senators and n-bles, many of whom he forced to work in his palace brothel. he smugly summoned the wives of his guests away from the dinner table, raped them, and returned them to their husbands and further disgraced the women by bragging about the act.
to ‘debuach’ is smimply to have an orgy.
7 guys and i had a debauch today.
debauch is my word meaning f-ck. i use it in school to so i dont get into trouble and not many people have ever heard of it. it is a synonym for screw/f-ck.
debauch homework, what kind of a person gives this kind of -ssignment anyway?

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