big d-ck daddy
” once i had a one night stand with this girl and the whole night she kept screaming decheroe decheroe decheroe. in the morning i asked her what it meant and she explained it to me”

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    a lovely girl who’s funny and has short temper. she is very beautiful and hot. she knows how to have a good time and will love you to death. she will care for you till she can’t. she will also punch and poke you a lot sussely is fun to be around!

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    that squad who is always ready for drama and just keeps coming back for more, but even tho they have more people than most squads, they always lose a fight. felicia squad- come on don’t u wanna fight squad 1- ok (a few minutes later…) felicia squad- ok geez, u guys win, we get it

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    to have such extreme skidmarks in one’s underwear or pants that he or she must have “slammed on brakes.” *notices guy up ahead with skidmarks on his pants* “oh my god, dude, that guy must have really slammed on brakes!”

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    the best girl ever!!she is super s-xy,does sports and is known to be short.she can get any guy she wants and every guy lover her.shes funny and loves all her friends! omg did you just see hylan!!

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    when taking a rather large, long sh-t it literally props one’s -ss hence a kickstand sh-t. i was so constipated in jail that after eight days i finally produced a kickstand sh-t!!

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