declare bull

a profanity-free phrase subst-tuted for the word “bullsh-t.” invented by my little brother.
what, you won’t give me my allowance for this week? i declare bull!!

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  • lmnepo

    laughing my non-existent p-n-s off. instead of “laughing my -ss off” it’s for girls. guys: “laughing my p-n-s off” or d-ck. your choice. tom: dude, can’t talk right now, i have to rub my mom’s feet. jenny: lmnepo!!! tom: o.o i’m serious. jenny: …. holy h-ll. tom: ….

  • loda lahsun

    p-n-s that smells bad because of not cleaning of the s-m-n after -j-c-l-t–n. muslim has the maximum number of loda lahsun so they go khatana (

  • lodu

    d-ck-head, pr-ck tu saale ek dum lodu hai yaar.

  • lolleriffic

    adj. 1) worthy of receiveing a lol as a comment. 2) very funny. (usually used as net lingo; not actually in real life) yingpyon: naiomi: that was lolleriffic! yingpyon: hehe, thanks! ^_^

  • funfunf

    a word meaning “fun” in a sarcastic tone. friend 1: “my dog died..” friend 2: “funfunf!”

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