this is in reference to the clinton’s(hillary, bill, or chelsea) ability to lie, flip flop, or forget about what they said, stances they took, etc. this word can also apply to many politicians but it’s born out of hillary clinton’s latest campaign for the presidency. it’s when a politician flip flops on issues, deny they said something(when there is evidence), or forgets. it’s a combination of the word dementia and the clinton last name.
hillary clinton believe that marriage was a sacred act between a man and a woman. in 2015, hillary said she supports gay marriage. hillary is exhibiting symptoms of declintia .

donald trump tweeted that no one remembers who comes in 2nd place in 2013. donald trump must have declintia because after the iowa caucus, he tweeted that he came in a strong 2nd and that it was an great honor.

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