macedonian, ukrainian, bulgarian (and similar words used in other balkan countries) for grandpa/grandfather.
grandson: zdravo dedo!


grandson: h-llo dedo!
dedos means fingers in spanish but is also spanish slang for snitches.
we have to watch out for dedos comming in our barrio.
referring to someone who is a snitch, an informant or under cover cop. someone who “points out” (fingers) someone to la chota.
¡vamos en chinga, él es un pinche dedo! (let’s get the f-ck out of here, he’s a f-ckin’ snitch!)
an extraordinarily great tasting mexican candy that you find in liquor stores for a quarter. it has a spicy lemony taste to it and it translates to finger in english. they are usually so much more delicious when you are high -ss f-ck
boy: dude i’m faded and i have a cotton mouth

friend: go buy some dedos

to leave someone behind unintentionally, to forget someone for an extended period of time.
remember when we dedo’d my best friend at a rest stop and drove for 30 minutes before we realized he was missing and his phone was in the car?
any type of marijuana. most commonly referred to when talking about good, potent pot.
hey n-gg- let me get an eighth of that dank–ss dedo!
another word for an edible
yo got some dedos?
yah bruh for sure brotendo
thanks broski
no problem wanna vape
nah got my work shift at zumiez

*does triple backflip* later bro

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