it means something is really cool cool snazzy nice awesome
wow your shirt is so deeliq

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  • trust bust

    the act of -j-c-l-t-ng inside a woman (especially women you just met) and trusting her response when she says she is on birth control. bro #1: dd you bang that sl-t from last night? bro #2: yea man, i asked if she was on the pill which she said yes. so i trust busted her. […]

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    #freetayk is a hashtag that start trending on twitter when rapper tay-k’s song the race blew up on youtube and was arrested for murder charges afterwards. rappers like lil bibby and even lil yachty showed support for him by tweeting out either #freetayk or the hook of his song the race. yo have you heard […]

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    warren is an arabian name for girls. is an incredible friend and relative to have. is smart and has the chubbiest cheeks that you will love. omg…i think that’s wateen!

  • stosie

    a definition of calling somebody smoking hot or super pretty, mainly used in couples. boy: hey! you’re looking really stosie today girl: wow thanks!

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