Def Jam

def-short for “definitive”
jam-a record

def jam – a definitive record.

def jam records was a record label started by rick rubin and russel simmons in 1984 out of rubin’s dorm room. awesome music.
def jam record label rocks out.
come on pal! i’m a white british kid and i know def jam didn’t originate in the mid 90’s and has f-ck all to do with mos def. it (was) a legendary record label, see public enemy, beastie boys, ll cool j and bunch of other old skool legends
…err, i think slick rick used to be there too. btw, it’s bit w-nk now, like most hip hop
the best muh-f-cken record label out there.
artists include:
redman, method man, epmd, keith murray, wc, ghostface, ludacris, slick rick, capone, n.o.r.e, dmx, face, dtp, funk master flex, fam-lay, ll cool j, joe budden, haystak, foxy brown, shawnna,
if you see a girl but she is with another person def jam is to knock the guy out and to get your girl.
“dude that chick is too hot for that jerk def jam him.”
originated in the 90’s. made by a poet/rapper named mos def. def means definate which was first used by run-dmc. around the 90’s there was def jam, a company that influenced rap, comedy and many other things. also a video game featuring people signed on the def jam label.
“hey you get that new def jam video?”

“i can’t beat def jam! ahhhhhhh”

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