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  • Hershey

    Alfred Day, 1908–97, U.S. biologist: helped lay the foundation of modern molecular genetics; Nobel Prize in Medicine 1969. Lewis B(laine) 1893–1977, U.S. Army general: director of the Selective Service System 1941–70. Milton Snavely [sneyv-lee] /ˈsneɪv li/ (Show IPA), 1857–1945, U.S. businessman: founder of chocolate manufacturing company. a town in central Pennsylvania. Contemporary Examples The Hershey […]

  • Adl

    Anti-Defamation League (of B’nai B’rith). Contemporary Examples This is what the leader of the ADL said about an Oscar-nominated Israeli film criticizing Israeli policies in the West Bank. 17-Point Guide To Anti-Semitism And Its Abuse Eli Valley January 29, 2013 For the ADL, Israel posed a conundrum: the conundrum of Jewish power. Hateful Ground Zero […]

  • Runyon

    (Alfred) Damon [dey-muh n] /ˈdeɪ mən/ (Show IPA), 1884–1946, U.S. journalist and short-story writer. Contemporary Examples “One of the best thing that Christians can do in our cities is throw really good parties,” Runyon said. The Neighboring Movement: A Simple, Radical Idea Joshua DuBois May 4, 2013 Forty-five years ago Runyon referred to Harold as […]

  • Danilova

    Alexandra [al-ig-zan-druh,, -zahn-;; Russian uh-lyi-ksahn-druh] /ˌæl ɪgˈzæn drə,, -ˈzɑn-;; Russian ʌ lyɪˈksɑn drə/ (Show IPA), 1904?–97, Russian ballet dancer.

  • Daudet

    Alphonse [al-fawns] /alˈfɔ̃s/ (Show IPA), 1840–97, French novelist and short-story writer. his son, Léon [ley-awn] /leɪˈɔ̃/ (Show IPA), 1867–1942, French journalist and novelist. Historical Examples There is irony in Daudet’s handling of these humbler figures, but it is compassionate and almost affectionate. The Nabob, Volume 1 (of 2) Alphonse Daudet And Daudet was honest; perhaps […]

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