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  • A.e.f.

    American Expeditionary Forces; American Expeditionary Force.

  • Housman

    A(lfred) E(dward) 1859–1936, English poet and classical scholar. Historical Examples They both asked us all to entertainments, but Housman explained that we had guests ourselves every day. Passing By Maurice Baring At that moment there was a lull in the general conversation and Housman overheard us. Passing By Maurice Baring I asked Housman to dinner […]

  • Van vogt

    A(lfred) E(lton) 1912–2000, U.S. science-fiction writer, born in Canada.

  • Earhart

    Amelia (Mary) 1897–1937, U.S. aviator: vanished in flight over Pacific Ocean. Contemporary Examples In the years that I was writing my biography of Earhart, I became smitten with her personality. Is Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved? Why the Aviator Lifts Our Hearts Susan Butler June 3, 2012 What happened to Earhart when she disappeared while attempting […]

  • Eichmann

    Adolf, 1906–62, German Nazi official: executed for war crimes. Contemporary Examples A brilliant new film presents Hannah Arendt in the midst of the Eichmann trial and the controversy around her reporting. The Importance of Being Hannah Arendt Daphne Merkin June 3, 2013 As with the Eichmann trial, the legal details of the Mohammed trial will […]

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