noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-classification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-class condition.
Also, A number one. Informal. first-class; excellent; superior:
The meals there are A one.
Historical Examples

After which speech he felt that everything was all right—everything was a-one.
Aaron’s Rod D. H. Lawrence

He’s ce’tainly got an a-one rep. as a cattle detective, and likewise as a man hunter.
Mavericks William MacLeod Raine


first class (excellent)
Also, A-1; A-number-one. First-class, of the best quality, as in This is an A-one steak. The term comes from Lloyd’s, the British insurance company, which in its 1775 shipping register designated the condition of a ship’s hull by a letter grade (A, B, etc.) and of its cables, anchor, and other equipment by a number grade (1, 2, etc.). By the early 1800s A-1, the best possible grade, was being transferred to anything of superior quality.

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