Architecture. a small abacus.
a tessera.

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  • Abacus

    a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved. Architecture. a slab forming the top of the capital of a column. Contemporary Examples Thus, Goldman found them a willing buyer for the junk piled into abacus. Goldman’s Dirty Customers John Carney April 20, 2010 […]

  • Abacist

    a person skilled in using an abacus.

  • Aback

    toward the back. Nautical. so that the wind presses against the forward side of the sail or sails. (of a sail) positioned so that the wind presses against the forward side. (of a yard) positioned so that its sail is laid aback. taken aback, surprised and disconcerted: I was taken aback by his harsh criticism. […]

  • Abaco

    two islands (Great Abaco and Little Abaco) in the N Bahamas. 776 sq. mi. (2010 sq. km). Historical Examples Within forty-eight hours I’ll have every vessel that can float off Abaco Island. Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various If death had struck Abaco Island, it had been the work of man, not Nature. Astounding […]

  • Abacterial

    not caused by or free from the presence of bacteria.

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