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servant of God, (1 Chr. 5:15), a Gadite chief.

Historical Examples

One way and another, Clare and abdiel did not die of hunger or of cold.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

Amongst politicians he was a faithful abdiel, when all others had deserted the cause.
Hours in a Library Leslie Stephen

abdiel was not so fastidious as his master, and lapped eagerly.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

Now, I confess that I have always had a weakness for the faithful abdiel.
Social Rights And Duties Leslie Stephen

Clare and the baby and Tommy and abdiel had taken their supper with satisfaction, and were all asleep.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

But you sha’n’t sleep with honest people like baby and abdiel.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

abdiel, one of the seraphim, who withstood Satan in his revolt against the Most High.
The Nuttall Encyclopaedia Edited by Rev. James Wood

They were a curious family—Clare, and Tommy, and the baby, and abdiel.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

“abdiel can be hungry and not greedy,” answered Clare, and the young woman was silent.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald

He had no human sympathy or gratitude, I say, but he had both sympathy and gratitude from abdiel.
A Rough Shaking George MacDonald


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