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a town in S Oxfordshire, in S England, on the Thames: site of Benedictine abbey founded 7th century a.d.
Historical Examples

Mr. Abingdon was out of town, and Philip might need some one he could trust to obey his instructions in London.
The King of Diamonds Louis Tracy

For which loss the brethren were greatly grieved—the brethren of Abingdon.
Oxford Andrew Lang

She had the simple remedies which Miss Abingdon kept in the house—boracic lint and plaster.
Peter and Jane S. (Sarah) Macnaughtan

The motion was opposed by the earls of Nottingham, Abingdon, and Paulet.
The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.II. Tobias Smollett

In the winter huts built at Abingdon, they were sufficiently comfortable, but were half famished.
History of Morgan’s Cavalry Basil W. Duke

I took in Mr. Abingdon, and sent a complete letter to the London bank.
The King of Diamonds Louis Tracy

She fell back against the wall, muttering, ‘The Duke of Abingdon!
As Seen By Me Lilian Bell

The town hall in the market place at Abingdon is really a fine bit of work.
The Thames G. E. Mitton

Further down again is Clifton Hampden, which attracts many people, and the river at Abingdon itself is by no means to be despised.
The Thames G. E. Mitton

Its history does not reach back so far as that of Abingdon or Reading.
The Thames G. E. Mitton

a market town in S England, in Oxfordshire. Pop: 36 010 (2001)


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