a Caucasian language of , best known for its rich consonantism.

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  • Abkhaz

    . noun Also called Abkhazi, Abkhazian, (pl) -khaz. a member of a Georgian people living east of the Black Sea the language of this people, belonging to the North-West Caucasian family

  • Abl

    1 . Historical Examples In the latest stage of the dialect (see below) the change of final -s to -r, as in abl. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 3 Various abbreviation ablative abl (ā’bəl) n. An oncogene found in the Abelson strain of mouse leukemia virus and involved in the Philadelphia chromosome translocation […]

  • Abl. absol.

    abl. absol. ablative absolute

  • Ablactate

    to wean.

  • Ablactation

    to wean. noun the weaning of an infant the cessation of milk secretion in the breasts

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