an condition, state, or quality; irregularity; deviation.
an thing or event.
Contemporary Examples

I have an abnormality in the circuits for language output, and sure enough, as a child I had trouble getting language out.
Temple Grandin: My Big Idea Temple Grandin, Richard Panek May 2, 2013

A post mortem examination revealed that there were no obvious signs of abnormality in Miss Moss’ body.
British Mother ‘Poisoned’ To Death By Pot The Telegraph January 30, 2014

But apparently there was just an “‘abnormality’ in the system.”
15 Best Moments of the 2013 Super Bowl (VIDEO) Ben Teitelbaum February 3, 2013

Should a criminal be held responsible for his crime when a brain scan can demonstrate some abnormality in his neural circuitry?
‘Free Will Debate: Who’s in Charge?’ by Michael Gazzaniga (review) Casey Schwartz November 18, 2011

It is a brief text with philosophical leanings that revolves around the notions of normality and abnormality in human nature.
Living Black & Gay in the ’50s Alain Mabanckou December 2, 2014

Historical Examples

Something odd in the set of the Queen’s sails puzzled him until he identified the abnormality.
Traders Risk Roger Dee

I thought the child was a freak, an abnormality; and such things disgust me.
The Wonder J. D. Beresford

He fancied that from what Richard had said that Anne would be the antidote for his daughter’s abnormality.
Mistress Anne Temple Bailey

That would have been an abnormality calling for investigation.
Eight Keys to Eden Mark Irvin Clifton

He gave no reason to anyone for suspecting him of abnormality.
Gladiator Philip Wylie

noun (pl) -ties
an abnormal feature, event, etc
a physical malformation; deformity
deviation from the typical or usual; irregularity

“quality of being abnormal,” 1854; “abnormal feature or quality,” 1859, from abnormal + -ity. Earlier as abnormity (1731).

abnormality ab·nor·mal·i·ty (āb’nôr-māl’ĭ-tē)
An anomaly, malformation, or difference from the normal.

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