a contemptuous term used to refer to an Australian Aborigine.
Swedish name of .
Contemporary Examples

I have no real choice in the matter, regardless of what the abo or ABP or ABMS say.
Rand Paul and the Certification Racket Russell Saunders August 10, 2014

abo Mohammed also was looking to enter the country again soon, smuggling various supplies.
Syrians Flee to Lebanon as Regime Forces Finish ‘Cleaning’ Operation Katie Paul March 7, 2012

Back in the 1990s, he ran afoul of the American Board of Ophthalmology (abo), the certifying organization for his specialty.
Rand Paul and the Certification Racket Russell Saunders August 10, 2014

Historical Examples

He then made himself master of abo, Borgo, and the whole coast.
The History of Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia Voltaire

In the evening I arrived at the town of abo, which is as large as Orebro, and well built.
Lachesis Lapponica Carl von Linn

There were the Russian gunboats inside the bar of the harbour of abo, firing at us with all their might.
Sketches From My Life Hobart Pasha

abo, at the head of the delta, is in the very heart of the oil section.
The World and Its People: Book VII Anna B. Badlam

abo Bey, who takes this letter to you, will raise the siege; and you are hereby instructed to cease from all hostilities.
Fire and Sword in the Sudan Rudolf C. Slatin

“And you are the drosky-driver from abo,” remarked the fellow, turning to Felix.
The Czar’s Spy William Le Queux

“In Finland,” I said, examining the stamp and making out the post town to be abo.
The Czar’s Spy William Le Queux

noun (sometimes not capital) (Austral, old-fashioned, taboo) (pl) Abos

short for Aborigine
(as modifier): an Abo reserve

the Swedish name for Turku
annular beam oscillator

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