to regard with intense aversion or loathing; abhor.
to dislike strongly.
Historical Examples

They cause the Tartars to delight in a diet of milk, and the American Indian to abominate it.
History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume I (of 2) John William Draper

I abominate the idea of frying eggs in water as the Americans do.
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani

I decline the favour, as I abominate the rats, which you know nothing about, and which would certainly get into my bed.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

They’re from Tomkins’s, and we girls just abominate his things.
Trent’s Trust and Other Stories Bret Harte

For I abominate animals, cats as well as dogs, as it is my right to hate the animal within myself.
Legends August Strindberg

I have no bowels for hypocrisy, and I abominate and detest kingship.
Imaginary Conversations and Poems Walter Savage Landor

I abominate and detest hangmanship; but in certain stages of society both are necessary.
Imaginary Conversations and Poems Walter Savage Landor

Do you know that I abominate myself when I am obliged to get so excited.
Fair Haven and Foul Strand August Strindberg

Did you purpose, Sir Sodom, to render me ridiculous to the man I abominate?
Thomas Otway Thomas Otway

These animals, of all ill scents, abominate most that of the oil of turpentine.
An Introduction to Entomology: Vol. IV (of 4) William Kirby

(transitive) to dislike intensely; loathe; detest

1640s, back-formation from abomination or from Latin abominatus, past participle of abominari (see abomination). Related: Abominated; abominating.

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