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one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region.
(initial capital letter). Also, Aboriginal. Also called Australian Aborigine. a member of the people who were the earliest inhabitants of Australia.
aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region.
Historical Examples

It was like the foot of an aborigine; undeformed, undeflected from nature’s lines by fashionable footgear.
Desert Conquest A. M. Chisholm

His dark, tawny skin, his blanket and features indicated that he was an aborigine.
The Witch of Salem John R. Musick

Given half a chance, he would undoubtedly have told the savage more about the latter’s habits than the aborigine himself knew.
Buffalo Land W. E. Webb

Just after the capture, an aborigine told his tribe that his death was at hand.
The History of Tasmania , Volume II (of 2) John West

Myall: An aborigine living according to tradition; wild; any of several types of wattle trees (genus Acacia).
Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses A. B. Paterson

However, he thought grimly, there was this Australian aborigine.
Occasion for Disaster Gordon Randall Garrett

Many were in use among the Spanish half-castes on the ranch, and this aborigine grasped their meaning at once.
His Unknown Wife Louis Tracy

Sal was not so black as the aborigine, and had been brought up on a mission station.
Settling Day Nat Gould

One aborigine had been wont to emphasize his after-dinner arguments with a toothpick brandished fiercely between thumb and finger.
Dawn O’Hara, The Girl Who Laughed Edna Ferber

He had scratched an aborigine, and to his surprise was finding indications of a man.
Where the Trail Divides Will Lillibridge

an original inhabitant of a country or region who has been there from the earliest known times
Also called Aboriginal. a member of the indigenous people who were living in Australia when European settlers arrived
any of the languages of this people See also Australian (sense 3)

1858, mistaken singular of aborigines (1540s; the correct singular is aboriginal), from Latin Aborigines “the first ancestors of the Romans; the first inhabitants” (especially of Latium), possibly a tribal name, or from ab origine, literally “from the beginning.” Extended 1789 to natives of other countries which Europeans have colonized. Australian slang shortening Abo attested from 1922.


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