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a person who is , especially from work or school.
a person who himself or herself, as a landowner who does not live on certain property owned or a voter who is permitted to cast a ballot by mail.
Contemporary Examples

But absentee balloting is more vulnerable to fraud, not to mention the vaguaries of the post office.
Shouldn’t We Be Able to Vote Without Long Lines? Megan McArdle November 5, 2012

Some statistics–disproportionate rates of school suspension, incarceration, and absentee dads–are gloomy.
Obama’s 34 Words That Matter Most Joshua DuBois February 1, 2014

This is not the absentee owner the Wall Street Journal once knew.
How Old Money Beat Murdoch Sarah Ellison May 26, 2010

Britain has faced allegations of chronic fraud in absentee balloting.
America’s Disgraceful Voting System David Frum November 4, 2012

Nor can we logically expect the foreign governments reaping so much reward from this absentee population to self-regulate.
Romney’s Panama Misadventures Open Our Eyes to Offshore Tax Evasion Mark Braude July 24, 2012

Historical Examples

Twenty had changed to fifteen and fifteen to ten, but there was no news of the absentee.
A Study In Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle

absentee ownership is at the bottom of the trouble in either case.
The Railroad Question William Larrabee

A prompt and vigorous effort to find the absentee is therefore a first requisite in dealing with family desertion.
Broken Homes Joanna C. Colcord

The problem of absentee landlordism was exciting Ireland in these years.
The New Nation Frederic L. Paxson

A year went over their heads, and yet another, but no news of the absentee.
The Captain of the Pole-Star and Other Tales Arthur Conan Doyle


a person who is absent
(as modifier): an absentee voter


1530s, from absent (v.) + -ee.


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