Absolute maximum

the largest value a given function assumes on a specified set.
Compare (def 4a).
Historical Examples

This limiting energy is the absolute maximum amount of energy which can operate in the reversible cycle.
The Energy System of Matter James Weir

Every boat-building company was trying to put overboard an absolute maximum of hulls on that day.
The Cup of Fury Rupert Hughes

Greatest “net” contribution; for a man’s absolute maximum product may not always be worth the required price.
Distributive Justice John A. (John Augustine) Ryan

There was one second there around midnight when all the signs were at their absolute maximum favorableness.
The Sky Is Falling Lester del Rey

The absolute monthly range of temperature is the difference, in degrees, between the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum.
Practical Exercises in Elementary Meteorology Robert DeCourcy Ward

Hence Wolf, who has made an exhaustive study of the matter, concludes that there was an absolute maximum of spots about 1372.
Climatic Changes Ellsworth Huntington

What, for example, will be the absolute maximum to which wages in general could be forced?
The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice Stephen Leacock

At her absolute maximum of acceleration the little ship plunged on.
The Ultimate Weapon John Wood Campbell

It is clear that only a fraction of this absolute maximum can ever be made available.
Conservation Through Engineering Franklin K. Lane

The absolute maximum duration of a total eclipse is about 7′ 30″; but no actual eclipse can be expected to reach this duration.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 10 Various

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