the usual or meaning of a word, phrase, etc.
favorable regard; approval.
belief; acceptance as true or valid.
Historical Examples

He became a saint—an ascetic in the seventeenth-century acceptation of the word.
Southern Spain A.F. Calvert

In its common, or generally received, acceptation, it implies two things.
The Politician Out-Witted Samuel Low

It is also, in the present acceptation of the word, improper.
Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. II Francis Augustus Cox

It is the negation of contract and the acceptation of status.
Hilaire Belloc C. Creighton Mandell

Their cards of acceptation were shown with triumph by the Germaines; but it was a triumph of short duration.
Tales And Novels, Volume 2 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth

If it is ‘worthy of all acceptation,’ it is worthy of your acceptation.
Expositions of Holy Scripture Alexander Maclaren

In that acceptation, value is usually divided into value-in-use, and value-in-exchange.
Money John P. Jones

The acceptation enabled him to look at the link with more equanimity.
Paths of Judgement Anne Douglas Sedgwick

It is good news, worthy of all acceptation; and yet not too good to be true.
Familiar Quotations John Bartlett

Moreover, he is a true cosmopolite, in every acceptation of the word.
Everyday Objects W. H. Davenport Adams

the accepted meaning, as of a word, phrase, etc

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