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Acid cell

Electricity. a cell using an acid electrolyte.

acid cell n.
See parietal cell.


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    acid deposition acid deposition The accumulation of acids or acidic compounds on the surface of the Earth, in lakes or streams, or on objects or vegetation near the Earth’s surface, as a result of their separation from the atmosphere. Acid deposition can harm the environment in a variety of ways, as by causing the acidification […]

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    air-polluting particles of dust, usually wind-borne, having high concentrations of acid.

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    any of a class of dyes containing one or more acidic groups, as the sulfo group: used in acid solution chiefly for dyeing wool and silk. Historical Examples If there is a precipitate there is a basic dye, if not, an acid dye. The Manufacture of Paper Robert Walter Sindall The goods may advantageously be […]

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