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Acidophil adenoma

acidophil adenoma

acidophil adenoma n.
See growth hormone-producing adenoma.


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  • Acidophile

    Biology, Ecology, . Biology. an cell, tissue, organism, or substance; eosinophil. adjective (of cells or cell contents) easily stained by acid dyes (of microorganisms) growing well in an acid environment noun an acidophil organism acidophil a·cid·o·phil (ə-sĭd’ə-fĭl, ās’ĭ-də-) or a·cid·o·phile (-fīl’) n. A cell that stains readily with acid dyes. A microorganism that grows well […]

  • Acidophilic

    Biology. having an affinity for acid stains; eosinophilic. Ecology. thriving in or requiring an acid environment.

  • Acidophilus

    adj. 1920, used of milk fermented by acidophilic bacteria, from acidophil (1900), a hybrid word, from Latin acidus “acidic” (see acid (adj.)) + Greek philos “loving” (see -phile); the bacteria so called because they stain easily with an acid dye.

  • Acidophilus milk

    a fermented milk produced by growing the bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus in milk, used in medicine to alter the microbial flora of the intestinal tract under certain conditions. noun (med) milk fermented by bacteria of the species Lactobacillus acidophilus, used in treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract acidophilus milk ac·i·doph·i·lus milk (ās’ĭ-dŏf’ə-ləs) n. Milk fermented by […]

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