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an acidulating substance.

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  • Acidulous

    slightly sour. sharp; caustic: his acidulous criticism of the book. moderately acid or tart; subacid. Historical Examples Sudden, thunderous outpourings of acidulous and gluey fluid. After the Rain Sam Vaknin She might marry or might miss, or grow into an acidulous red-headed woman. The Wind Bloweth Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne In these villages there was great […]

  • Aciduria

    aciduria aciduria ac·i·du·ri·a (ās’ĭ-dur’ē-ə, -dyur’-) n. Excretion of a specific acid in an abnormal amount. Excretion of an abnormal amount of any specified acid.

  • Aciduric

    (of bacteria) capable of growth in an acid environment. aciduric ac·i·du·ric (ās’ĭ-dur’ĭk, -dyur’-) adj. Of or relating to bacteria that tolerate an acid environment.

  • Acierate

    to convert (iron) into steel. verb (transitive) to change (iron) into steel

  • Acidy

    of the nature of or resembling ; sharp; sour: an acidy taste. Historical Examples It is frequently declared that some of these coffees are often acidy enough to sour cream if used straight. All About Coffee William H. Ukers This produces a soft mushy cheese which sometimes is “acidy” or sour. The Book of Cheese […]

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