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Chemistry, .
an acidulating substance.


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  • Acidulous

    slightly sour. sharp; caustic: his acidulous criticism of the book. moderately acid or tart; subacid. Historical Examples Sudden, thunderous outpourings of acidulous and gluey fluid. After the Rain Sam Vaknin She might marry or might miss, or grow into an acidulous red-headed woman. The Wind Bloweth Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne In these villages there was great […]

  • Aciduria

    aciduria aciduria ac·i·du·ri·a (ās’ĭ-dur’ē-ə, -dyur’-) n. Excretion of a specific acid in an abnormal amount. Excretion of an abnormal amount of any specified acid.

  • Aciduric

    (of bacteria) capable of growth in an acid environment. aciduric ac·i·du·ric (ās’ĭ-dur’ĭk, -dyur’-) adj. Of or relating to bacteria that tolerate an acid environment.

  • Acierate

    to convert (iron) into steel. verb (transitive) to change (iron) into steel

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