Acne cosmetica

acne cosmetica

acne cosmetica acne cos·met·i·ca (kŏz-mět’ĭ-kə)
Mild noninflammatory acne lesions from repeated application of cosmetics.

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  • Acne conglobata

    acne conglobata acne conglobata acne con·glo·ba·ta (kŏn’glō-bā’tə) n. Severe cystic acne characterized by cystic lesions, abscesses, communicating sinuses, and thickened, nodular scars.

  • Acne erythematosa

    acne erythematosa acne erythematosa acne er·y·the·ma·to·sa (ěr’ə-thē’mə-tō’sə, -thěm’ə-) n. See rosacea.

  • Acne indurata

    acne indurata acne indurata acne in·du·ra·ta (ĭn’də-rā’tə, -dyə-) n. Deeply seated acne with large papules and pustules that can cause severe scarring.

  • Acne keloid

    acne keloid acne keloid n. A chronic eruption of fibrous papules that develop at the site of follicular lesions, usually on the back of the neck at the hairline, seen most commonly in Black men. Also called dermatitis papillaris capillitii, folliculitis keloidalis.

  • Acne keratosa

    acne keratosa acne keratosa acne ker·a·to·sa (kěr’ə-tō’sə) n. An inflammatory eruption of papules consisting of horny plugs projecting from the hair follicles.

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